Dreamy Williamsburg Home

I’m in love with Anthony Goicolea‘s renovated Williamsburg rowhouse. This stunning, four-level structure encompasses a basement studio, first floor kitchen and living room, second floor study and living room, and a third floor comprising two bedrooms.  If that’s not enough, Goicolea’s impeccable decor only drives the pangs of jealousy deeper into my heart.  

This is the size of my entire apartment.  No joke.  I cry as I type this sentence. 

These two vignettes may be my favorite corners of the house.  I die for that Restoration Hardware Versailles Chair, and double showerheads are the lofty, impossible NYC dream.  

I’m a sucker for a dark bedroom and sumptuous floor-to-ceiling drapes.  

I love everything about this bathroom shot.  I must have that fish sculpture, and something tells me a chalkboard near a toilet could definitely come in handy.  Ha ha! And let’s take a moment to enjoy the expertly arranged art kissing the top of the stairs.  So good. 

In my future mansion, I hope to emulate the airy, organic quality of this kitchen. 

Ugh. I don’t have a single staircase in my tiny apartment.  One of these days…

via The New York Times


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